Just saw this article about Kodi/DRM
(2017-04-12, 12:56)Dalej Wrote: I paid/contributed a small amount for the program.

First off, you didn't pay for anything. If you did then you did not get Kodi from here and were ripped off.

As well, you may have contributed, but you did that of your own free will. Your contribution was not "for Kodi", with or without your contribution Kodi would have still been completely free.

(2017-04-12, 12:56)Dalej Wrote: I didn't say anything when the frothing started about the sale of the preloaded units on ebay and Amazon, because even though you have to be blindingly stupid not to understand what you are buying when you purchase those, I get it it. Sometimes people are just stupid. I just stayed out of that conversation. It made me very uncomfortable to see the attitude creep in that "You can only use this in ways we like." It made me uncomfortable enough I just used the latest stable version and didn't interact here anymore.

Then you have not understood anything. No one has ever said "You can only use this in ways we like.", as any individual can do what ever they want, WE DON"T CARE, nor do we try to stop individuals from doing what they want with Kodi.

However, we will not help or condone people who wish to stream pirated material. As well, we will not allow those that wish violate our trademark, drag our name in the mud and make money off of Kodi by selling these "fully loaded boxes", without some sort of action.

(2017-04-12, 12:56)Dalej Wrote: Now you want to add and legitimize Digital Restrictions?

I'm nobody - just one of the silent group of users who contributed - probably not enough, but still, some, and I did because freedom is still something I believe is good.
I really doubt one voice, one post will make any difference, but please don't legitimize the effort to extend DRM. There is no good to be had there.

I have a four letter word I'd like to say here and it doesn't start with K, it ends with k.

So what you're saying is that you're against having options? Adding the ability to stream DRM media does nothing to change what Kodi does, it ONLY adds another option as to how you can use Kodi.

And I don't know how you would think that the addition of DRM would "legitimize" it. Do you honestly think that if Kodi had that ability Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or any other service provider would wake up and see that and say "Hey! Look, Kodi added it so now we must really be legit with our DRM"? Do you think Kodi not adding it would make it magically go away?

So how does Kodi having the ability to handle DRM extend it, exactly? DRM is the "law of the land" as it were, and Kodi having the ability to stream that material gives users the ability to get their content without going down the pirated route.

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Just saw this article about Kodi/DRM00
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