Just saw this article about Kodi/DRM
Big Aero, I'm fairly sure we've had this debate before, but I appreciate how you've decided to borrow another thread to re-open it. To re-iterate, The Internet Archive is not a streaming pirate source, because the US government has very specifically granted them them an exception to the DMCA rules on the matter regarding archiving vintage software. http://archive.org/about/dmca.php To the best of my knowledge, neither Plexus nor any other site out there has a specific DMCA exception that makes them legal under the law.

Until the government rescinds that exception, I don't personally see any reason to stop supporting the addon. And, frankly, given that you are taking over another person's thread, I feel very little compunction against an immediate ban if you stick with it.

Regarding the small part of your post that was on topic, I don't believe the binary blob we're looking at would have the ability to also act as a distribution for ROMs, so I don't think companies could use it to distribute old games.
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RE: Just saw this article about Kodi/DRM - by natethomas - 2017-04-15, 15:53

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Just saw this article about Kodi/DRM00
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