Bug ERROR: XFILE::CDirectory::Create - Error creating C:\ , Why?

I have a strange crash of kodi on the startup.
What I mean by 'Strange' is that kodi crashes on his startup only once a day, at the first time after my PC turned-on.
From the second running and on, there is no crash.

I have tried to check the debug logs, but I don't see anything suspicious and also on each crash the log is stopped in different place.
One of the main differences between the crash log to the other log (The second running and on) is this line:

PHP Code:
18:38:38 T:696   ERRORXFILE::CDirectory::Create Error creating C:\ 

'696' here is the ID of Kodi main process.
But I don't find any additional information close to this error or what could be the reason, it's placed in different places between all the crash logs that I took.

1) Why does the crash occurs only in this scenario: Once a day, the first time kodi starts up after the PC was turn on?
2) Why on the second running there is not crash?

Kodi 16.1
Windows 10, 64 bit
Administrator user


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ERROR: XFILE::CDirectory::Create - Error creating C:\ , Why?0
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