Solved Issue - Kodi 16.1 --> 17.1
Hi all!

I have Arctic Zephyr installed since a couple of Kodi versions. When I updated from Kodi 16.1 to Kodi 17.1 today, suddenly, the Movie Hub and the TV Hub did not work any more, couldn't launch them through the menu. I could fix that, apparently the links changed.

But now, I'm stuck -- apparently, the "Hub Configuration" is gone. I can't configure the TV Hub / Movie Hub anymore, I've e.g. added a menu item "Tags" to them, which is now also gone.

Please help!

Works fine for me.

Make sure your hub action is ActivateWindow(1111)
Goes between 1111 - 1119 depending on the hub of course.

The option is in the home customisation window.
Maybe you need to scroll down on the right hand options?

yes, that did the trick.

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