[Feature Request] [SOLVED] player controls are not usable in video list if you have no mouse
hi gade,
if you only have a keyboard or a minimum remote control you can't stop and play the current running video.
you need a mouse to enable this window:
i mean this player window. you can only use your mouse to open it.

maybe you can make it possible to use it. (maybe a button in top menu?)
Hi skybird.

There's a context menu item to open player controls.

I'm at work right now, so I can't remember if it's disabled by default and needs enabling in Skin Settings > Configure Menus > Context Menu
oh, solved! thanks Big Grin
i also found the solution for the pvr list in main menu i mentioned.
if you switched it to recordings it isn't visible (and will not be loaded) if you delete your recordings. so you can't switch back to the channels. Big Grin
i forgot something: happy easter to all of you Big Grin
Nice catch.

When I have time, I'll look into if I can do anything in the skin code to prevent this.

EDIT: That issue should be solved in the next update.


I'll mark this thread as solved.

Happy easter to you as well! Wink
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[SOLVED] player controls are not usable in video list if you have no mouse00