[BUG] Poster view not properly handled
Been using this app for years with great satisfaction. Some time ago i found that TV-shows listing is not handled properly anymore.
What happens is the following:

1. With these settings (http://imgur.com/DDtphxi) I get a banner view of the shows (http://imgur.com/rgD5sTv)
2. I change the setting to Prefer posters for tv-shows to yes (green slider)
3. Without closing the app I got to TV-shows and see (http://imgur.com/yxz17pg)
4. I close the app
5. I open the app, navigate to tv-shows, drag down to refresh the listing and see (http://imgur.com/EopqFZT)

I've cleaned the cache multiple times. I really prefer the poster view so hope a solution is possible. I'm on iOS10.3.1 and using the latest version of KODI on Ubuntu.
The same problem. Realy sucks.
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Poster view not properly handled00