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Hi! I've switched from Kodi 16.1 to 17.1 yesterday, and apparently, Re:Touched doesn't work with it any more. When I tried it, Estouchy looks pretty much like a modernized version of Re:Touched -- not bad at all but I'm missing these things until now:

Maybe anyone has tips on how I could add these features manually or where I might even be able to enable them in settings or something?

1) I used "Re:Touched" on my master PC to keep my library up to date. One important feature: See, how many entries a node has. For example, in a Season X, see, how many episodes are in the library, so I know how many of that season are missing. I'm pretty sure I had that in Re:Touched, but I can't find such number in Estouchy.

2) A two-column view poster + description. When I click through the views within a season, I have the "thumbnail view", a "list view" and a "description" view. Unfortunatelly, the "description view" no longer has two columns like Re:Touched had, so the list gets very long. Is there a way of getting a two-column view (maybe in addition to the other 3)?

3) artwork for "* All seasons". In Kodi 16.1 / with Re:Touched, I could add a tv show-specific Artwork to "* All seasons" (the summary entry to show all the episodes). Now, that's just a generic folder icon which I apparently cannot override. And

4) The "Back" and the "* All seasons" icons are very low-res, especially compared to the other (nice!) icons in the theme. Is there a way of "re-rendering" them or something?


5) I think, I was able to specify a "highlight" colour in Re:Touch, but I can't do that in Estouchy. For example, it would be nice to be able to specify the colour of mouse-cursor and current-item-highlight, so I could use the same theme for different profiles without getting them mixed up.

*edit 2*

6) I can specify, what should be shown in the main menu in Skin -> Configure Skin - >Home Menu. Unfortunatelly, when I do that and start Kodi again, everything is, as it was and the theme shows all of the items again. (I'm using this theme in 2 profiles, maybe that has something to do with it?)

Is Estouchy still supported?

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