Addon Idea - Ikea Tradfri

I have an idea of an addon, same as "Kodi Philips Hue" but for the Ikea Tradfri. A GitHub page say we can control Tradfri light using Python ""
I have absolutly no skill in Python, so i need help Wink

Thank, and also... Sorry I'm french so... Confused It should be hard to read Rofl
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FYI; there are loads development discussion (and more links) on controlling Ikea Trådfri Gateway here:

Been thinking about buying a kit myself but have already invested to much in Philips Hue.
Jaime Jiménez have written a great teardown of Ikea Trådfri Gateway here:

He referenses another that good Python based framework written by Michael Koster (the main author of the data models and IPSO Objects that Ikea Trådfri uses):

If you want to know more about the wealth of data models out there you can check the IoTSI Workshop as a reference:
Thanks for all info but i'm not a developer and when I all the info it looks like I'm not ready to become one...

If some one can do it, I think it will be a great help for some people in the future.

Just equipped my home with Ikea's Trådfri System. Would love to have the possibility to control the lighting from Kodi.
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