Recently Added Movies/Episodes on Home Screen not working

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Thanks for an awesome skin, it's the only one that gets wife and kids approval in my household. Smile

Just had a query regarding the Recently Added Movies/Episodes on the Home Screen, the top five would usually appear at the bottom of the screen when movies or TV shows was in focus but lately there's nothing appearing in that area. If I select Recent from the right hand side the recently added Movies/Episodes do exist though.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Everything else works great!
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You set the Recently Added widget you want to use for each main menu item, then once on the main menu in order to see the content of the widget you press the Up key on your remote or keyboard.

Using two 2820FYKH0 Intel NUCs, a Revo 1600, and a Foxconn NT-330i - All running OpenELEC. :)
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