Make Mouse-Cursor instead of "Mouse not Supported"
Hi! I've switched from Kodi 16.1 to 17.1. In one of my favorite skins, Arctic:Zephyr, I now have a fat red banner instead of the previously "nothing", which represents my mouse cursor and tells "WARNING! Mouse not supported please disable.". While not perfect, I think the mouse support in Arctic:Zephir is still pretty good and useful, so I'd like to use the mouse in it "on my on risk".

How would I do that (with a proper white Mouse cursor)? I tried copying the Pointer.xml from Estouchy into %appdata%/Kodi/addons/skins.arctic.zephyr/1080i/Pointer.xml , but this didn't change anything. I also couldn't find the "pointer_focus.png" or "mouse.png" , that's referenced in the Pointer.xml of Estouchy / Arctic:Zephyr either, is this built in or does it need to be provided somewhere? Removing the "<visible>!Skin.HasSetting(HideMouse)</visible>" in the original Pointer.xml didn't change anything either.

Can anyone "point" me to a quick hack to get a proper mouse pointer in Arctic:Zephir?


first you need this tool:

you have to decompile the *.xbt file, which can be found under

then override the "mouse.png" with your new "mouse.png".
i used this one: Imgur: mouse.png (maybe not the best one)

then compile the folder back to "%appdata%/Kodi/addons/skins.arctic.zephyr/media/Textures.xbt"
cool, will try that. Thanks!
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Make Mouse-Cursor instead of "Mouse not Supported"00