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Hi everyone,

I finally managed to configure my Kodi Arctic Zephyr Plus almost to the perfection, but I still have a single problem.

This is my Vertical Custom Menu With Dark light theme.

- Movies (Open on Collection By Title)
- Music (Open on Collection By Artist)
- Games (PC Only) using AEL Add-On
- Parameters
- Quit (Exit KODI)

I had a little worry recently, I would like to create a menu "Movies For Kids", like this.

- Movies
- Movies For Kids (Open on Collection By Title)
- Music
- Games (PC Only) using AEL Add-On
- Parameters
- Quit (Exit KODI)

I'm looking for a quick tutorial or guide to create this, i found nothing for what i want on the forum and the online tutorials shows only how to create via Video Add-ons.

That i want is simple create a menu like Movies but using a custom path source (Movies for Kids folder), and only the files in this custom path not the other movies (Movies folder).

The HUB seems to be the solution, but there was a submenu that i don't want, i make a simple interface for the family, one click for opening anything.


Scan both sources to you library as movies (both adults and kids) and then make two smart playlists with a rule to only include movies from the particular path, and then link those as the corresponding shortcuts on your menu.

Videos > Playlists > New Smart Playlist... (you might need to add a videos or playlists shortcut to your menu temporarily to get there).

Set your playlist type to movies
Give it a name
And then choose New Rule...


Change the rule type to "Path" and "Contains"
And then add the path to your kids movies (or non-kids movies for the other part of the library).


Click Ok and and then Ok again and save the playlist

Then add it in the home customisation menu.
Hi Jurialmunkey,

Thanks a lot, lot, lot ,lot.

You saved me, thanks again.

Have a nice day.

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