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Notifications that a film in my library is on Netflix/Prime Video?
Hi all

I have something I would really like Kodi to do, actually 2 things, and I'm wondering if it exists or is possible.

1) Kodi to somehow notify me that a movie in my library is available on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Something like a popup when I select the film or something.

2) Some way to scan my library and notify me of any movies I have that are on Netflix or Amazon. And for this to be repeated regularly to keep up to date.

They are both sort of the same thing. I have Netflix and Prime and so I would like to remove any movies I have stored locally if they are available on those services, saving space. I would ideally like the folder to remain though so that should they remove the movie from the service (looking at you Netflix) then I can be notified of that too.

Does anything like this exist? If not, where should I start in terms of looking to create something? If I could have access to a DB of all films on Netflix and Prime and some way (common ID) to cross reference with my Kodi library (which is in MySQL) then that would be a good start.

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This wasn't a feature request. Other than however the popup would work i was envisioning this being an external process to compare databases/lists of films.
Never forget that movies on Netflix (for sure) or Prime (I guess) don't stay on catalog forever.
So If the idea is to purge your library, it probably isn't a good idea, as the next time you'd like to see this specific movie, it might just be gone from Netflix and/or Prime.
Yeah that is a concern, but if i have a way to keep track of movies that i have removed from local storage i should then be able to notify myself that they have gone from Netflix/Prime and i need to get a local copy back.

If there isn't a solution that exists already i will try and knock something up myself. It looks like i will need to pick apart the Netflix API as there isn't a public one and any DB of films is just a scrape run through the API. I've not started looking at Prime yet.

First steps is just to produce some reports as output, I'll then think about what to actually do with my library based on that information.
This sounds more like an add-on request than a feature one.

It would be better there i think...
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#7 may work. I don't see anything about an API though.

edit also

you can create an account on these sites to get notifications.
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Notifications that a film in my library is on Netflix/Prime Video?00