[Solved] gui error after changing video settings
hi folks,

after installing a new skin (amber), i experimented with different settings under video => windowed, full screen

I use a 3monitor solution on a AMD R9 390 which gives me 5760x1080 as a single monitor, and on activating fullscreen on monitor #1 Kodi crashed

Therefore two simple questions:
- is there a command line parameter to start kodi in a default video mode (e.g. 800x600 windowed)?
- i corrected some entries in the guisetting.xml, i deleted it, always crash and the guisetting.xml is overwritten with the last false entries => why is this so?

any hints or links to existing posts are very welcome
regards aplrapid
If you can get Kodi launched in windowed mode (whatever the res) and your desktop is functional whatever size, Kodi should be able to function in that window if your gfx card can handle the pixels. This might necessitate sort of batch file start-up. guisetting.xml is rebuilt each launch according to the edid information received, the pin 19 work around could be used.
Thx PatK for the fast reply - your hint "windowed mode (whatever the res) and your desktop is functional whatever size," got me thinking => which lead me to cancel my Radeon Display Group and voila Kodi started correct on monitor #1 Full Screen 1920x1080.
I changed to windowed, started my Eyefinity Group again and Kodi is up and running.

Conclusion: IF you run in trouble with guisettings on video mode with AMD / Multimonitor => cancel eyefinity display group and there will be a good chance that Kodi is back to lifeWink

thx and best regards

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