[Kodi 17 Krypton] Black screen when switching on HDMI
Until yesterday, Kodi were running on my laptop with my Nvidia GT540M. Because Nvidia isn't able to do Vsync on Linux, I switched to my Intel GPU profile, now I don't have tearing anymore but have problem with HDMI...
When I start Kodi, Display Mode is set to Default, the result is that Kodi is displayed on my TV connected through HDMI, but not in full screen (in fact, I have Kodi interface on the upper left side of the screen with the resolution of my laptop screen, and the rest of my screen is black).
So, I switch display mode on HDMI1, but then, I have a complete black screen on My TV. However, I can hear the sound of kodi when I use my remote or my keyboard. I'm obliged to reboot kodi, but the Display mode come back to Default (so display is on my TV but not in full screen).
I don't have this problem if I come back on my Nvidia profile. I can use any other app (VLC, Dragon, Mozilla...) in full screen on my TV.
Any idea of what can be the problem?
There is an option which is called "Blank other displays". Enable that please and try again

It's worse! Big Grin
The problem still the same and I'm oblige to go back configure my kubuntu display to reactivate the screen which has been deactivated.
debug log available?
Here they are:

Here is the test i've done:
- starting kodi with logs activated
- switching to HDMI1 in display configuration
- My screen become black
- after few second, Alt+F4 for quit Kodi and retreiving logs.
how many displays do you have, i have problems sometimes on my PC with 3 monitors but that is easily fixed by just having my monitor i want to run it on and the rest off then quit hence saving the config and switching on the others then it works fine, i run kodi on multiple OS/s and PCS/Macs (linux/windows) and this is an easy fix doing this.
Indeed, I have disabled my laptop screen to keep only my TV in HDMI, started Kodi, configured it on HDMI fullscreen, it worked. After having exiting kodi reactivate my laptop screen, kodi still working on my TV in full screen.
Well... problem solved! Thanks for the tip!
No worries lad
Is there a way to hardcode the output monitor inside of KODI, maybe via advancedsettings?
actually prob. is mate when i get time i'll have a play.
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