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Kodi 17.1 and the Pulse-Eight USB-CEC Adapter

I am on a Windows 7 Pro machine, running Kodi 17.1 (on a Panasonic TV).

Until now, with Kodi 15 and 16, my USB-CEC Adapter worked flawlessly. I could use my TV's remote to control Kodi + the volume and even turn off the whole system after watching TV.

After updating to Kodi 17.1 (which also included a lot of Windows Upgrades, because Kodi 17.1 wouldn't install otherwise), all of the sudden, the USB-CEC Adapter is no longer recognized by Kodi. The pop-up that used to appear doesn't show up, the USB-CEC Adapter doesn't show up in Input-Peripherals, and of course, nothing happens, when I try to control Kodi with the remote.

The only thing that happens is the typical "USB device unplugged" sound if I unplug it and the "USB device plugged in" sound, if I plug it in again.

What can I do?

A little help?
This might be considered more of a hardware issue than one of windows, considering your post has been up for a while without a lot of attention, I'll move the thread along to Hardware/Peripherals hopefully someone with this device will be able to assist. CEC (wiki) this might have some influence on your issue FTW: CEC uses the remote.xml keymap, so using that XML file will allow you to customize most buttons. You can also use the debug log to see what the buttons are named for that keymap file. See Keymap (wiki) for more information. Looking over this, you are not alone

Settings for your CEC devices can be found in:

System -> Settings -> System -> Input Devices -> Peripherals -> CEC adapter

Cross your fingers.
So... I was to solve this with many emails back and forth between me and the support of Pulse 8.

Solution was to put a different version of the LIB-CEC library into the Kodi program folder, as the one there seems to have been buggy or something.

Kodi 17.1 and the Pulse-Eight USB-CEC Adapter00