[Windows] Deinterlace-method not working properly?
today I tried the internal graphic processor of my intel haswell cpu and deinterlacing with DXVA is working properly. so the problem seems to be only in connection with nvidia graphic cards, in my case a gtx970.

but what is the problem of the nvidia cards? LAV filters are working properly with nvidia cards, but are not supported by kodi...
Just a couple of points on this:

1) satand, I think from reading the whole thread, when you were advised to disable hardware rendering you weren't given specific enough instructions and didn't actually disable the GPU rendering. The "Allow DXVA2" option is not the one that enables CPU rendering. In Settings, go to [Player Settings] -> [Video] and set the [Render Method] option to "Software". This should get you proper deinterlacing at the cost of higher CPU utilisation.

2) I'll mention this in case it's been mistaken as assumed knowledge til now - this only seems to be getting reported for SDTV streams which will be MPEG2. I know I don't suffer from this issue with Kodi 17.1/Win10/Nvidia but I only watch HD H.264 channels so it would seem the issue is specifically related to Nvidia hardware decoding of MPEG2 video streams.

edit: now that I re-visit my settings I see I too have actually got my render method set to Software, I think I also gave up on DXVA rendering due to inconsistencies like this.
1) ok, i will test it.

2) yes, it happens with SDTV streams only. the problematic video decoder is "ff-mpeg2video-d3d11va (HW)".
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if i set render method to "software", the only available video scaling methods are "nearest neighbour" and "bilinear". both result in bad picture quality and the picture is not smooth. any advice?
I would appreciate an advice to get the software deinterlacing working.
I had the same issue with 1080i TV channels. DXVA deinterlacing is completely broken Confused

Disabling "Allow DXVA2" AND changing Renderer to "Software" solved it for me.
Any news on this.
DXVA2 is also broken for me.
Here is an answer in another thread: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid2690994

I have solved the issue. It was the plugin "script.kodi.hue.ambilight" which causes the issues. 
After Deactivating the plugin all was fine.
Sorry for hijacking this thread!

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