Fixed Subtitle On-Screen Position
I'm not sure if this the right place to post this or not,but I'm hoping someone can help me with fixed subtitles and moving their position on the screen.

I only used fixed subtitles in my movies for the non-English parts. My problem is that I'm using a 2.35:1 screen, so when zooming the projector to fill the screen, the subtitles are displayed on the panel below the screen.

Is there a way to move them or not since they are fixed and not contained in a .srt file?
Probably it's possible with the screen calibration:

You are able to modify the position where subtitles are displayed.
Are you possibly mixing up the term "fixed" with the term "forced" ? I get that feeling, from the way your question is phrased. If what you want is for the subtitles, whether regular or forced, to appear on the video itself instead of below the video, all you need to do is select from Settings > Player > Language> Subtitle Position > Bottom of video.
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