Main menu shortcuts stop working

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basjke Offline
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I notice that when i build a main home screen menu, and add a shortcut to an addon to each menu item, it all works fine.

Although as soon as I add a single sub menu item the main menu shortcuts don't work any more. The sub menu shortcuts work.

This is the case in Jarvis as well as in Krypton version.

I feel it has to do with a third party addon, and I suspect it to be the script Simplejson, but not sure.

Anyone else experience with this?
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marcelveldt Offline
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Please help me to better understand the issue...

So, if you add a new mainmenu item to your menu, add a submenu with only 1 single item, the mainmenu's shortcut doesn't work anymore ?

What homemenu layout are you using ?

Also, make sure that you have not enabled the option "open/focus dubmenu on mainmenu click"
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