Fanart view issue
Hi and thanks for your skin.
Cant be beat.
Im in love Tongue

I noticed that when playing a movie in full screen
And just let it play in background while i browse
Lets say my movie library in FANART view,
When setting my transparency to 60% in the view options,
I can see obviously see that the menu is see-through
And i can see the movie under it.

But when the movie is stoped,
The fanart view becomes solid somehow
And when browsing the movie library
Well part of the movies fanarts in background
Is hidden by the solid menu
Instead of beeing just like when a movie is actually playing in full screen..

Hope this makes sense Tongue

I there a fix for that please?

I want my fanart view to not be solid menu
But be transparent a 60% all the time.

Thanks Smile
No one?
sorry for the delay, but I've been busy...

If i understand right, all you need is to enable "Big Fanart" option, and the fanart will be all over the screen (including behind the menus)
and then when you set 60% tranparent, you will see the fanart as well.

in the default settings, big fanart is set to off, and it resized in a way that the menus won't cover it...

take a look in the view options, it located one option above the transparent setting.
good luck Smile
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