Help with Kodi please
Hi, I hope there's someone that can help me with this, I've been trying different things and trying to work out what's wrong for ages now... and don't seem to be able to fix this?!

I downloaded Kodi onto my Amazon firestick over a year ago... and it used to work fine.

In the last 6 months or so, when watching any of the links in the video add on section, for live sport channels they open up perfectly and then after 2 seconds they just struggle and run on slow mo? It's completely unwatchable.

Same thing happens with every link, starts perfectly fine, 2 seconds in... gets stuck.

I wondered if something needs updating? But I've googled and youtubed and can't find out how to fix this? Please help!

Not sure which version of Kodi I'm running, is there some way I can find out?

I installed by just following a YouTube tutorial.

Help much appreciated thank you
I think you should probably read the forum rules (wiki) on piracy and banned addons (wiki), as if you've been using some of the "YouTube tutorial" junk out there then you've probably been led to install some or all of them and the sources you will be using are illegally obtained pirate ones and not supported here.

If you want decent sources, then pay subscription to legal and legitimate ones...
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