[Solved] No Pictures Library, only Music and Videos
On my TV I see only Video Library and Music Library. No entry for Pictures.
In Settings - Media - Library I see sections Manage Sources, Video Library, Music Library. No Picture Library.

Windows 10, Kodi 17.1. Stand-alone installer.
You might have it disabled.

Check Settings>Skin Settings>Main Menu from there just scroll down until you see Pictures and "enable" it.
Was enabled. Can see Pictures in Main Menu. Don't see it on the TV. Only Videos and Music.
Quote:Can see Pictures in Main Menu. Don't see it on the TV
You have confused me with your statement. How can you see it, if you can't see it on your TV?

Sitting at my PC, working with Kodi, on the Kodi main menu there is a Pictures entry. If I click on it, I see the thumbnails for my photo folders.

If I go downstairs to my TV and select Kodi as the source on my home theatre, then I only get Video Library and Music Library. There is no Picture/Photo Library, so I cannot view my photos.
No problems... but you keep raising more questions.

How is Kodi connected to your PC, and how is Kodi connected to your TV?

TV=HDMI and PC=Browser Interface (Chorus2)?
Kodi is running on my PC. Acting as a media server.

My ADSL modem has WiFi. My PC and home theatre are both connected to the modem via WiFi. So my PC streams to the home theatre via WiFi. (Too far for ethernet cable.)

The home theatre is connected to the TV with HDMI.

I remember seeing Chorus2, but I don't remember where.
I am using the kodi.exe app to do my settings, not a browser interface.
Hopefully the last question. I still can't figure out what would be causing the issue, so just hoping more info will lead to the "oh yeah" moment

What is the "home theatre" you mention. Is it another computer?


Also, are you seeing the Kodi screen on your TV?
I don't understand how your TV is connected to the PC. How are you displaying the content on the TV? Do you have Kodi installed on your TV as well?

For example: I have kodi installed on a MAC which is connected to the TV with a HDMI cable. So TV is nothing more than a dumb screen. Same goes for the setup in my bedroom where I use a HTPC. Hod did you set this up
My home theatre is an LG which has a facility called Smartshare. This can read files from a DLNA media server over ethernet. I have a small WiFi to ethernet adapter which is plugged into the home theatre.

Data travels from a HDD, through Kodi to a wifi adapter on the PC. It gets sent to the WiFi section of my ADSL modem. It then gets sent to the WiFi adapter on top of the home theatre. This is plugged into the ethernet port on the home theatre.

So PC is switched on and running Kodi. Downstairs, on the TV I select the home theatre as input, rather than the satellite decoder. With the home theatre remote I go to SmartShare. There I can choose which DLNA server I want to use. I see Kodi as a server and select it. I then select either Movie, Music or Photo. Now SmartShare knows which file types to list. I now see the media servers "Main Menu." With Kodi it is 2 "folders," Video Library and Music Library. Selecting one of them shows the correct folders I am sharing with Kodi.

Example: Selecting Movie, then Video Library I see the list of shared folders with Movie/Video/TV Show/Music Video content I added to Kodi and can navigate to the desired file.

The problem is, there is no Picture Library available. Only Video Library and Audio Library. So I can't see photos.

And this definitely comes from Kodi. If I use Serviio as the media server, then after I press Movie/Music/Photo I get a totally different choice come up.
You haven't really explained what Home Theatre is apart from it being an LG. But LG is a company not a product.

I get it now.

Yes, you will only ever see Videos and Music. I have never seen Pictures either. Why? I don't know, but I suppose you could just as easily create a Share on your Pictures directory on your PC and it would do the same.

Not really the best set up for Kodi. You have no functionality.

There is nothing to fix. That's just the way it is.
There is no Pictures Library that's why, there's only Files view accessible from Kodi itself.

Please note in order for people to provide helpful responses then we need as much information as possible about how you are doing things, some of the info provided above would have been helpful on the other questions you've posted on the forum. Kodi is primarily designed to be run on a box in your living room and directly hooked up to your TV via HDMI or component video so the Kodi interface is seen on the TV and then it controlled via a remote from the sofa, so that's what most people will assume you are doing unless you specifically say otherwise.
(2017-04-24, 11:20)jjd-uk Wrote: There is no Pictures Library that's why, there's only Files view accessible from Kodi itself.

This. There is an add-on that creates a database, sort of like a library, that supports filtering by exid data but doesn't do any kind of DLNA.

scott s.
Are there plans to fix this?
SW architecture has to fit USER needs, not voluntary, random, traditional or other soft technical limitations, right?
So: No library for pictures ? Build one. Doable? There is an add-on, hence Yes.
Once you integrate that picture library feature to the core, there is a chance it can easily inherit the DLNA capability, right?
TXs and cheers

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[Solved] No Pictures Library, only Music and Videos0
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