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Hey Developers,

Getting a windows based build system ready for cross platform builds- using VS17 and CMake proves to be full of obstacles. Having made sure to get the dependencies with correct versions, CMake Config spits out errors:

Are you following the steps described at HOW-TO:Compile Kodi for Windows (wiki)?
It seems like at least you haven't executed DownloadBuildDeps.bat.
Hey Rechi,

Thanks for the prompt reply- managed to successfully run the batch file. Seems like it is running as it should- but CMake still has missing includes directories; Generation step will note missing DVDNAV lib. So am I to assume that some URL's may be outdated- thus find the required packages manually?

Will re-check the specified instructions on another workstation tonight.Hoping to get this running on Windows.
(2017-04-25, 09:33)Rechi Wrote: It seems like at least you haven't executed DownloadBuildDeps.bat.

You also need to run DownloadMingwBuildEnv.bat and make-mingwlibs.bat as described in the wiki.
Turns out the the 3rd step in compiling ffmpeg libs and so on was reason for complacent behavior- by using the wiki guide on a fresh PC solved the issue. As far as the batch files go they work.

CMake is used (making Krypton) but still is missing some lib includes and support for additional features like Bluetooth, CEC which i believe would be need for building for WeTEK platforms. Any advice to proceed would be appreciated.
You can't cross-compile on Windows targeting other platforms than windows.
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