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2 questions regarding sound (stereo and aac)
Have an optical s/pdif to my receiver.
Now I finally get Dolby sound from my ac3 movies, BUT can't seem to get stereo sound..:/
Read about 5.1->stereo not done yet, but why can't I get stereo sound from 2-chan. movies via spdif?

And what about Quicktime trailers, with AAC sound?
There's no receivers with AAC decoder, so you can't get 5.1 via spdif with QT and when I play it with XBMC, the movies plays with 2x speed, without sound.. still it says: mp4a 5:1 . Would be really cool to get it work!

Having grown up with XBMC this is just awesome! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for your time and help!
Couldn't find a edit button..
anyway, never mind the stereo issue.. after some searching in the settings I found that the 'Audio Output Device' was set as Analog, changed to Digital and stereo plays just fine =)

And the QT Trailers with AAC I think is under the way.. read on the release notes that it should work.. but doesn't for me..
Same issue, QT trailers with AAC audio play at 2x speed with no audio.
Please paste terminal output and log output to pastie for the Apple Trailer play.


Here's the terminal output,
where should I find xbmc.log...?


2 questions regarding sound (stereo and aac)00