Transparent icon bug?

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I'm not sure if anyone has the same problems as I do, but in the last 2 releases, I have a problem with icon transparency.

For example the T3CH icon at startup (it's only there for a second) no longer has transparent edges. The same problem can be seen in the weather icons. Instead of the transparent background, they show either a white or black background.Oo

Speaking of weather icons, does anyone else also have a problem with the temperature display? I get a strange "A" with a circumflex accent (like a hat) between the number and the degree symbol (circle). I tried different encodings, even installed my own fonts, but the results is always the same.Sad

Any ideas anyoneConfused?

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Weird symbol in weather is a known Unicode issue. I'm not sure what the icons transparency issue is. Pasting logs would help.

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