Playing videos shared via SMB

I have two Kodi installs on my network, Kodi-A is hosted using OpenELEC on an RPi3 and Kodi-B is installed on my Windows Laptop.

I have movies shared from Kodi-A using the SMB shares which is fine and works very well.

I'm working on a project where I'd like to play a movie from the SMB share on both Kodi-A and Kodi-B depending on which I choose. What I've found is in order for me to play a movie on Kodi-B through the JSON-RPC call I have to specify the smb share with a username and password i.e. smb://username:[email protected]/movies/xxxxxxx which is perfectly understandable. However if I fire the same request at kodi-a it responds with success but doesn't start the video. It turns out that if I remove the credentials the request fired at kodi-a then works.

I'm not quite sure why kodi-a doesn't play the video with the username and password but does when I don't supply it. Obviously I understand that it doesn't need credentials as it's the same host as the smb share however I'd simply expect it to ignore the credentials than not to launch the video at all.

Does anyone have any ideas of what be a universal way of ensuring the same request fires for both Kodi-A and Kodi-B?

Many Thanks
Hello deanbennett. Did you bind in the video source on both Kodi's and can you srart the Videos on both kodis browsing the Files over the Video Plugin? So you can open this file by using the following Json command:
//Play a single video from file{"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":"1","method":"Player.Open","params":{"item":{"file":"Media/"}}}

Cange the IP/Port depending on witch Player you 'll like to play the movie.
Untested, but theoretically working..
Greez kangoroo
Thanks Kangoroo,

I didn't bind any sources within Kodi itself as I wanted to have a zero config approach to this, I wanted to achieve a Cast to Device kind of experience. However I'll definitely try what you've suggested as it'll logically help prove that the videos are playable for both Kodi's. I'll also turn on the debugging to see if that gives any clues.

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