WIP -  How to Make Fallback Widget work the Same as in V1?
Hi all.

Thanks for the great skin! I really like it.

I have recently upgraded to Kodi 17, and so forth with V2 of the skin.

What i'm trying to figure out is how to get the Fallback Widget on the Home page to function as it did in V1. Which is Spotlight as it does now, but it also showed In Progress.

I can't figure out how to get it to function like that in V2.

Anyway to get it like it used to work?

And while i'm asking, I can't figure out how to add a Search button in the Home page. It was default in V1, and I can't figure it out in V2.
Search is through the global search add-on. So add a shortcut to your home menu that points to Programs > Global Search.

To get a mix of inprogress and random media you can use the Skin Helper Service Widgets add-on.
If you don't have it installed, it can be found in the Kodi repo from Video Add-Ons.

Fallback Widget > Default Widgets > Skin Helper Service Widgets > Mixed Media > InProgress and Recommended Media

Make sure you use "InProgress and Recommended" as the "InProgress and Random" doesn't appear to work properly for mixed.
Thanks jurialmunkey!

Much Appreciated.

Skin has changed so much as well as Kodi settings, it's hard to figure stuff out.

I think I got it working now.I did see a lot of 'Content Loading' instead of description. Seems to of fixed itself after doing a restart.

What is the difference between Random and Recommend?
Not working right, it seems to be picking the same titles every single time!
(2017-04-30, 03:44)Ahlitah Wrote: Not working right, it seems to be picking the same titles every single time!

Ah that is a shame. I think Recommended is suppose to pick from high rated unwatched - but I still thought it would be a bit random. Inprogress and Random is what you really want, but I couldn't get it to work for the Mixed Media category on my htpc.

Unfortunately, because of the changes to how widgets are handled, its not really possible to do the old method I was using to mix two widgets together. The new method gives a lot of opportunities (pretty much any library or plugin path can be used as a widget), but this was one of the losses. Kodi Leia has a new option to mix multiple content paths together, so the mixed Random/InProgress default widget will definitely return for the Kodi 18 version of Eminence.
Sounds Good.

Thanks for the help JM!

I'll be looking forward to 18 then.

Guess i'll switch back to the default Fallback widget for now. Beats getting the same content all the time.
Okay, how to you return to the default fallback widget?, I don't see default or Spotlight anywhere in settings!

Doing a full skin reset seems a bit drastic for this.. but i've done it anyways to fix some other issues...still doesn't work with the skin helper service widget though, still picking the exact same titles every time! Doing another reset to fix the default issue and all is well for now.

But there has to be another easier way? or am I blind?
The default "Spotlight" widget is actual the Library Data Provider widget "Random Movies"
Default Widgets > Library Data Provider > Random Movies

The reason it is called "Spotlight" by default rather than "Random Movies" is because there are three different properties set when selecting a widget: label, path, and type. If the label property is empty, the fallback label is Spotlight because that is something that would seem to fit any widget path and is a bit nicer than simply calling it "Widget" or having no name at all. If the path property is empty, the fallback is Library Data Provider Random Movies. By default all the properties are empty because they haven't been set yet by the user, hence why it is called Spotlight but actually is Random Movies...
Ahh, now I understand... that's why I couldn't find it.

Thanks for the explanation, i'm sure others will appreciate it as well!

I tried the skin helper service widget random movies and it didn't work right either. I don't think that skin helper service widget is working correctly at all. I wonder if the author of it knows about it.or maybe its just my installation!
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