Hardware question, record to USB drive
After a new desktop build, I have enough parts to build a separate computer, which well serve as a headless backend for recording OTA TV (HD Homerun tuners). Currently my main desktop is the PVR, but I want to get those functions off the desktop.

I will be using Ubuntu server, with no monitor, as a headless PVR. My current backend is myth TV, but I want to switch to TV headend since it can be administered remotely via any browser.

Now I have two hardware config choices:

1. AMD A10-7850 CPU, 8 gigs of RAM, 2tb HDD for recording, and 80gb SSD for boot. Both drives would be internal.

2. Give build above (1) to my wife and use her old 1st gen surface pro. However, the Surface only has 128gb SSD of internal storage. I would have to use an external USB enclosure for my 2tb HDD. This would be connected via USB 3.0

Obviously 1 is overkill for my needs, and would be better served as a desktop, but those are the parts I have.

2 would be quiet, low power and the core i3 3317 and 4gb should be enough for the job, but I am worried about using an external USB enclosure for recording. Will USB 3.0 support the necessary throughput? Are 3.0 speeds even possible under Linux?
I use an external USB drive as my DVR/PVR drive on a Chromebox running TVH and Kodi. Not had any problems yet with multiple recordings/playback.
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Hardware question, record to USB drive00