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New to the forum and I've got a question.

Is it possible to add custom mp3 tags to Kodi?

I have the tags Format (to sort Albums, EP's and Singles and so on), AlbumSub (Album Subtitle, for a double title or to mark Special Editions) and Subformat (Disc 1/Disc 2, Bonus Tracks or like different segments of a record (Garage Inc. - Metallica or Ayreon's massive rock opera's different acts).

Currently these are visible in my MusicBee but I'm saving up for an Android SmartTV and want to run everything through Kodi.
These tags help me to keep my couple 100gb music library organised and I'm would like to be able to keep them.

Maybe I haven't searched right and missed the thread discussing this Wink

Could someone help me out?

In short no, Kodi does not currently process custom tags, although it is something I have been thinking about as a new feature one day (and there are some threads discussing it).

However Kodi does process a lot of tags, and in the meantime it could well be possible to make use of the ones it does process to achieve the categorisation of your music collection that you want.

Personally I do a lot with genre, it is not ideal, but does provide something that Kodi uses for primary navigation, and is implemented in the remote apps like Kore, iOS Remote and Yatse too. There is also the comment tag. There is also the album (release) type, populated from tags in v17, is used as a filter and can be any text you like.
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