Method to inhibit joystick input
My addon launches files with an external program, similar to advanced launcher / advanced emulator launcher, to launch games.

Some external programs are weird with audio, and if you don't suspend the audio in Kodi before launching the external program, the audio in the launched program wont work quite right. I'm using xbmc.audioSuspend() and xbmc.audioResume() to workaround that issue. Seems like a well documented issue in the past.

Some users of v17 note that when they're using a joystick, the launched emulator controls the launched program and Kodi at the same time (if Kodi is still running in the background). Is there a similar method, or could there be a similar method to audiosuspend for peripherals (like xbmc.joysticksuspend)?

Doing some research, it looks like Hyperlauncher used json to do this previously:
{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"Settings.SetSettingValue", "params":{"setting":"input.enablejoystick","value":false},"id":1}

But there's a bug that causes Kodi to crash when using this method?

Does audioSuspend do the same thing essentially as the json method (except with an audio setting)? Or is this something deeper in the internals of Kodi that might benefit from a similar joystick type method?

Thanks in advance
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Method to inhibit joystick input00