Kodi 17 - Setting Up Kodi 17 - PVR Backend

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I have FireTV stick in Samsung TV.
Also Samsung BlueRay Disc Player BD-D5700

Can I use the BD-D5700 as a Kodi Backend PVR hardware.

If not what hardware do I buy to connect to Cable Input feed.

Any guidance on setting up the PVR appreciated.

PS I have read : PVR (wiki)

PPS I am confused with what actually IS a tvheadend server. Is it :
my BD-D5700 BlueRay reader?
my FireTV (a new App)
a separate NEW box I need to buy?
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Tvheadend is basically a piece of software that functions as a pvr backend. The Tvheadend server is whatever device that software is running on, which could be a remote machine but is usually the same one kodi is running on.
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Follow the wiki links: PVR (wiki) => PVR_backend (wiki) => Tvheadend_PVR (wiki) => https://tvheadend.org/projects/tvheadend to understand the chain needed.

Again read PVR (wiki) plus PVR_backend (wiki) and note that Tvheadend is just one of many PVR backends avalable that is compatible witk Kodi.

PVR_backend (wiki) list which PVR backends are compatible with Kodi (and your Samsung Blu-ray Disc Player is not listed there).

Suggest that you either buy a network-attached TV-tuners such as HDHomeRun (from SiliconDust) which is relativly easy for less computer savvy people going.

Second best alternative for less computer savvy people is buying a USB TV-tuner and run a Windows PC as a PVR backend with NextPVR (wiki)
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