Use your iPhone as a XBMC for Mac OS X remote

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iordonez Offline
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Does anyone want to build this in to XBMC? If the built in XBMC webserver had some logic that would recognize the user agent, notice that browser is mobile safari and serve up a page custom made for iphone. That way you just point you phone to the IP of you computer and click away.
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fpoil Offline
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Post: #17
it's already done, no ?

or with remote buddy but you have to pay 18$
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benderbends Offline
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a native app would be much cooler
i hate the webapps
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zebb Offline
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Agree, I also hate the webapps.. But that was just and experiment.
It would be best to get Apple make the bluetooth support better so you could use it as a bluetooth remote with an native app.
Now when I have unlimited EDGE I hardly ever turn the WLAN on and with EDGE the reaction time is some few ms too high :/

Bought a Wireless Apple keyboard for now, the only downside is that if XBMC is not selected you can't control it and neither switch with command+tab...
With the iPhone remote XBMC didn't have to be selected.. if I remember correctly
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zxr750 Offline
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anyone tried this: ?
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knatsch Offline
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WOW thats a nice piece of software!
Just tried this out and I am really impressed! Control of the XBMC mouse cursor under linux is not possible but you can use the "Remote" function to control XBMC. I am only missing a "stop" button, for now I fast forwarded to the end of the file Wink
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topfs2 Offline
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The media server looked kind of cool, and XBMC does support Media keys IIRC. should be examples in Keymap.xml

To bad it isn't a linux app (for me)

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