[BUG] recording of Poor TV Reception causes freeze
Whenever I play a recording that was recorded on a poor tv reception channel, the playback freezes completely. The only way to get back to Desktop is to hit "delete, Ctrl, and Alt" to bring up task manager and kill Kodi from running. This has been occurring since Kodi version 17 and up. My back-end Nextpvr plays the recording of the poor tv reception program although it usually is very difficult to watch but never freezes up it just goes back to the main recording menu if it senses a bad recording. Kodi just freezes up totally. Can be a pain if you are not aware that the tv reception was poor when it was being recorded.

BTW. I am using Windows 10 Pro x64 (November version) with Huappauge Dual Tuner and latest NextPVR and Kodi v17.1.
The NextPVR addon doesn't really have any control over the playback in Kodi.

You best is probably to try improving your signal reception.
Amother related freezing issue occurs when you attempt to go too far back in time, I.e 50 minutes while watching live TV. The screen freezes and eventually gives a tuner not available error message after it times out.
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