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Only 1 channel at a time with quad tuner
I have this TV tuner. Running NextPVR and Kodi on WIndows 10.

I can only watch/record 1 channel at a time. How do I set it up to record/watch up to 4 at a time?

In the Settings->Devices screen in NextPVR, scan for channels on the first tuner. When you go to setup the subsequent 3 tuners, it'll offer to copy the configuration from the first tuner you set up. Accept that offer (don't manually set up each one). After that you should have one set of channels, available from any of the four channels. This will allow you to watch / record 4 (or sometimes more) channels at a time.
Ok so long story short Amazon sent me the wrong item twice! They sent me the single tuner version instead of quad. So I am getting a refund but I need to find another place to buy the quad.

Only 1 channel at a time with quad tuner00