TagLoaderTagLib vs MusicInfoTagLoaderFactory
(2017-05-04, 18:42)ironic_monkey Wrote: actually this is completely outside AE....
Well that kind of demonstrates my lack of knowledge Wink

Quote:AudioDecoder.cpp in cores/paplayer is a frontend between the codec and the player. it takes care of buffers and such, and it makes sense to move this code there so it doesn't only apply with the one decoder. sure, it covers most things, but there are decoder add-ons and such..
I agree, as best I understand it.
ISTM that RPG is a feature of the file / audio stream and not a metadata. I guess it's a convenience that it is passed in the metadata section of the file. Video has the concept of file / streamdata in the db but I don't think music has that concept at all.

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Well actually rpg info is stored in a metadata tag. Replaygain was stored originally in the header of a music file, but it's mostly stored now as a metadata

And if you check Kodi, you'll see replaygain is only picked up from the corresponding metadata tag.

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