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iResign + Kodi + Apple TV 4 UDID + i-Funbox
I have my Apple TV registered as a developer with the UDID.

I can get some IPAs installed signed by iResign with iFunbox, as for example PopcornTime, Aerial and Safari and they work ok. About the app Kodi, I have managed to get it installed but when I try to open it on the APple Tv it is automatically closed, however, that same ipa of Kodi, if I get it installed with Cydia Impactor I can use it properly, so I understand it is compatible.
Does anyone know if I have to change something in the files of Kodi to use it without getting it closed automatically, please?


Regards and thanks.
I saw online that you can actually pay a monthly fee for an IPA to ensure Kodi runs properly on the Apple TV4. I wonder how true that is though.

iResign + Kodi + Apple TV 4 UDID + i-Funbox00