How to get playlist on Movies submenu?
I have created a playlist that gives me the movies I (or others in my household) are watching but have not completely finished. I have always had this playlist as a home menu item on Ace. I am now moving to Metropolis and want the same playlist in the movies submenu. I have created an entry with Label so it appears on the submenu. I cant figure out which Action or otherwise I should select to make the menu option open that playlist.
How can I achieve this?
For the menu item, you choose Video Library->Playlist->YourPlaylistName.
If i go there, after chooaing Playlist and <ok> the screen jumps back to the Customise screen
The item for the menu entry now lists "ActicateWindow(videos, special://videoplaylists/,return)
I do not get the chance to select my desired playlist
If you set the playlist in question as a favorite you can add it as a menu too.
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Make sure you're not choosing "playlists" -- choose "playlist" (singular).

In Home Furniture, choose Customize submenu on whatever main menu item you want to add this too. Add a new submenu item and click on "Choose item for menu".

In here, select "Video Library >" (assuming it's a video playlist). Then select "Playlist > ()" (again, not "Playlists (item)"). Pick your playlist, and then decide if you want it to display it by default, or just play it.

I promise it works if you do exactly as described above.
Yes it worked brilliantly!
Thanks a bundle!
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