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I am using Kodi on an Amazon Fire TV with Eminence 2.0 and was wondering how I could upload images to set in my menu thumbnails. When I try to set my own image I get a fusion folder but don't know how to manage the content of it from another computer or phone.

Sorry I am a newbie, could anyone help me there ?

Thank you in advance for any useful answer.

Fusion? As in the addon from our banned addons (wiki) list, or something else?

We're unable to provide support for such addons - or, indeed, while addons like that are installed, simply because we have no control over what they do to a user's system. Unless I'm mistaken, then, it sounds like you're trying to do something that's specific to Fusion, so I'll have to ask you to take it to some other forum, please, as there's nothing we can do here.
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Hi Yaffle

Thank you for your answer, as I said I am a newbie there, I don't remember installing any add-on called Fusion, been checking my add-on library and could not find anything under that name.

I am using Eminence 2.0 as a skin and when I go into the skin settings and customize home menu, I select the menu I want to edit then select background, then I select single image.

There I get some zip file and a folder called Fusion in which there are other folders.

The question is not what to do with this folder, it is how can I add a picture from my mac so that I can use it as a background with a (or any) Kodi skin.

Thank you in advance for your help
Go to kodi file manager and choose "Add source..." to add the location where your images are. After that they will be available through customisation screen.
Thank you jurialmunkey for your answer, so I did but still cannot browser where I want.

I think I am going to ask eminence team what is happening or just change skin to try it somewhere else

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