Will Kodi overrite my music file tags?
i have a lot of exp with differing apps and getting things implemented or fixed.

maybe some of these links, all things i wrote, will help someone:





if there are questions about ratings, or about compilations and how to handle them, i have hundreds of hours working on it. (not as a coder, but as logic flow chart problems). i also know a lot about tags. feel free to ask me questions!!!

i'm still new to Kodi. i'm afraid to expose my music files to it, b/c i don't know if Kodi writes tags or not, and i don't want a bunch of MB spammed tags in my files.
We never ever write to tags so adding your files to Kodi will result in no change to them, any changes made by scraping metadata are only ever written to the internal Kodi database never to the the music files.
thats good to know, but question:

does Kodi read ratings from music files? and if the user updates the rating via the Kodi UI, and its not written back to the file, what happens when the library is rescanned? which rating persists?

does Kodi support half stars? does it use 0-255 (as in my second link above) for id3, and 0-100 for vorbis et al?

whats the max amount of music files Kodi can handle?
Unfortunately all questions on areas I'm no expert on as don't use ratings, apart from that the last and the answer to that is there's no limit. However the current design of music file handling isn't the most efficient in navigating extremely long lists of stuff, therefore Kodi is best suited to breaking your collection into more manageable chunks, so browsing by albums, artists, years, genre etc rather than one huge song list.
We read from the files, we keep whatever you have in the database when you update library (at least I presume), we use 0 to 10 ratings in our database and the stars depend on skins. It could be 5 stars with half ones or just 10 stars
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There's actually been a bit of work done on music ratings for Kodi 17. There's two separate ratings, one is set by the user (mainly, through the UI in a "thumb up" "thumb down" fashion) the other an attempt to implement POPM tag (and analogs) in way compatible with major apps that write this tag. Both convert to a 0-10 scale. Kodi doesn't use "stars" as such, rather it is a function of the UI skin to assign "stars" to values. The intent is 10 = 5 "stars" (so, half stars are possible).

Also separate ratings are stored for songs and albums. I think the album rating has to come from a scraped value or in local album.nfo files (don't use it myself so not 100% on it).

scott s.
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(2017-04-23, 20:40)MrSinatra Wrote: does Kodi read ratings from music files?

Yep! A bit more info from DaveBlake from this thread if you are interested in the mechanics:

"Here is what I can see Kodi do. It takes initial song my rating values from music file tags (for some tag formats), but does not write edited values back to the music file. It scales the value to be 0-10 before stored in the library. It presumes that all scores in FLAC files (RATING tag) are 0 - 100. In ID3v2 the POPM tag is 0-255 internally, although players that view this value may show it differently.

Quote:does Kodi support half stars? does it use 0-255 (as in my second link above) for id3, and 0-100 for vorbis et al?

Both! see above. One thing I am looking at currently is how to display a half star in the default Estuary skin. I think 10 stars is a bit too much for the GUI in list view but I am still testing how to do this. Coming very soon though Wink

Quote:whats the max amount of music files Kodi can handle?

I've tested up to about 120,000 files at certain points but be aware that using the "Song" node is pretty useless with this amount. I much prefer to browse my music through the year/album node or the artist/album node. I also created a custom A-Z node above artists to browse more quickly. This works much nicer on large collections than scrolling through the entire artist node(although you can program the remote to have SMS letter jumping which can help).
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