Remove movie and TV lists from Home screen.
Is there a way to remove the widgets and junk that give the home screen a browsable video list when you highlight the Movies or TV shows button on the side bar, with out removing said buttons. I'm looking to have nothing but the side bar menu, a single back ground picture depending on the button highlighted, with no file lists on the home screen like the old PM3.HD skin had. I actually had been using Kodi 15 with PM3.HD for a long time cause I didn't like any of the current skins due to the added file list crap on the home screen most do. When I saw that 17 had a skin close to what I wanted and use to use, I upgraded only to find the skin was changed to have the crap I hate having clutter the home screen.

I have searched and tried to find how to remove it, but all I find is how to add it.
Go into settings click Interface settings. configure skin , Main Menu Items
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That removes the movie and TV show library buttons from the home screen menu, which is not what I want, I need to keep the home screen library buttons for Movies and TV shows, but get rid of the widget lists that shows all my movie and TV shows on the home screen.
I'm posting the answer I just gave in another thread. You can't by default, but this seems to be a very common request. There are at least two mods out there that do this (one of them is mine).

Skin MOD - safonov Estuary v2 mod skin.estuaryv2.mod
pkscout's Estuary mod (with Artist Slideshow Support)
edit home.xml\
look for <control type="grouplist" id="5001">
change to <!---<control type="grouplist" id="5001">

find <include content="ImageWidget" condition="!Library.HasContent(tvshows)">
<param name="text_label" value="$LOCALIZE[31104]" />
<param name="button_label" value="$LOCALIZE[31110]" />
<param name="button_onclick" value="ActivateWindow(videos,files,return)"/>
<param name="button_id" value="6400"/>
<param name="button2_onclick" value="Skin.SetBool(HomeMenuNoTVShowButton)"/>
</include> and add -->

that is <! 3x-- content 2x->

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