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DVD Drive Support ??
Is there standard DVD support yet? When I insert a DVD drive nothing including the File Manager thinks there's a disc in drive. I'm assuming that DVD Drives aren't supported yet or it's using a different device than what' default on my mac. Anybody know which device it uses out of /dev by default, assuming it works at all?
Yeah, same issue here.

I insert the disc - nothing happens. I go to the Video section, choose source, click on DVD Drive, and it asks me to insert disk (which is already in the drive).

DVDs play fine in the default OS X DVD Player.
I'm hoping that DVD drive support will be included when the crew code in support for VIDEO_TS and ISO/IMG images as well. I would think that it would be a pretty easy feature to add once the others are there, but I guess there is a reason why I am not one of the developers. Wink

I definitely agree that this is a very important feature for a "mature" media center to have, and I'd be shocked if the guys aren't thinking about it.
Jack, give the 0.1.3 release a try with this and let us know if it's working with the DVD drive. Based on elan's comments I'm not sure it will, but it does sound like he's got VOB and IFO file support working. I'd guess it won't seamlessly recognize disc as a source when you insert it though.

Elan's point about DVDs being out of fashion (0.1.3 release notes) is valid, but I'd bet that now all the pieces to play the media on said disks are in place we can convince him to make XBMC recognize the DVD drive as a source automatically as well. It would be a shame to have a cute little mac mini sitting there on the shelf with a perfectly good DVD drive, but still have to keep another dvd player for watching your disc library.. Wink As far as I'm concerned, exiting XBMC and loading the apple DVD player isn't a good soluton.

I've donated a bunch already, anyone want to pitch him $40 or so and ask him to buy himself a DVD already? Laugh
0.1.3 didn't recognize the DVD in my Mac Pro's superdrive. I tried a clumsy method of manually adding my superdrive via the "add source" option, but it didn't work. I was able to manually add the VIDEO_TS folder of the DVD in my superdrive, but OSXBMC didn't play it.
elan's statement about dvd's may sound great in theory, but I have a DVD library I'd like to be able to play without workarounds. Besides, what is his suggestion? Rip all of our DVDs to the hard drive? I do plan to do some of that, but I've got way too many DVDs and not enough hard drive space and money to buy extra drives, so I hope he was just joking around...

If he does not own DVDs, I'm curious as to where he is getting his movies?

DVD Drive Support ??00