Song sorting by dates (TDOR, TDRC, TDRL) not just YEAR
(2020-02-06, 01:08)HeresJohnny Wrote: Not sure if I am the best candidate for suggestions because I use my own tagging system.Whereas DISCOGS uses the general "date" field as the date of the first release, musicbrainz uses it to write the date of the current release. I always overwrite that with the first release date and use another field in foobar2000 (my main player) to show the re-release date (actually DISCOGS_RELEASE). That leads to the somewhat unfortunate situation that the MUSICBRAINZ field for first release date is unused by me.

This is probably going to be one of those dividing decisions but the most important date for me is the original release date. Everything else about a re-release I can see from other metadata, like "DeLuxe", "Remastered" or "With Strawberry Flavour" etc. MUSICBRAINZ is also not always correct/complete in this regard. If an artist only has a later release of an album in his release group then the date of that re-release is passed to the tagger as the original release. DISCOGS is much more complete but I guess that ship has sailed... Music
In case @black_eagle is looking for input from the peanut gallery, I'm in full agreement - not only is the original release date the only one that really matters to me, but I've gone to some trouble ensuring that's the date that ends up in the tag Kodi has historically stored and used.  I would urge that the Vorbis YEAR and equivalent always be at least an option to use as the canonical "what to display and sort by" data.

But while I do use Musicbrainz data by way of a mp3tag script, I don't currently use Picard, so maybe I'm another edge case.
Hmmm, I was really looking for the phrase to use Smile  Perhaps Release date should be re-release date ?   It all depends really on how accurate your tags are and how skins will display things.

@antisuck Yes, original release date matters to me too, hence the attempt.  It really bugs me that my Led Zepplin albums for instance, are shown by the dates of release of the CD's I bought and not in 'proper' chronological order.  Well, now they are.  The tags I have used are the correct ones according to the tagging specs for each type.  For MP3, TDOR appears to have become the date of release for Podcasts which isn't really what the spec suggests but thats what my research tends to confirm. This will support WMA tags, Vorbis, Ape and ID3v2.3 & v2.4. MP4 will stay the same as it is now, simply because there is no formal spec released by Apple and although I have tried to find an 'original date' type tag in the Apple dev docs I was unsuccessful.

If anybody has an m4a type file with an original date and a release date in it that their tagger can read/write if they wouldn't mind sharing it, I could possibly work out the tag name with it.

Teaser screenshots!

What Kodi does now.


What (hopefully) it'll do in the future.


Album info showing both original and release dates. (Dates are localized to whatever format you have told Kodi to use).


Please note that although this is working, I still need to get the internal design approved and tidy up my code before I can submit a PR to the team so it'll be a while before it (hopefully) makes it into v19.
Ah... if you're looking for a display string... I saw something - I think it was in your skin - that showed "RM2014" for a 2014 re-release. That is exactly the way I label my own folders and from the prefix one would immediately discern that it's not the original release date. While RM is short for "Remastered" not all re-releases are Remasters... maybe RR2014 would be a compromise?
Just to say loudly and publically that I am greatful that @black_eagle has picked this up and run with it, something I have wanted to get done for several years and just not found the time to do it.  I'm about give it a good poke about, aim to have it in v19 for sure, but that could be tough on him because I can be picky as hell about music library feature design (code standards is someone else's beef). No one mistake that for grumpy team attitude, if I am seen to be critical it is about getting as much feature richness implemented in a robust way as possible. He did great with the boxed sets feature, so I'm sure we will get there.
It's another of those things that I always felt was lacking so I just thought I'd give it a go Smile  I just appreciate the fact that Dave lets me kick around in his sandpit from time to time.  That and I enjoy it.
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Song sorting by dates (TDOR, TDRC, TDRL) not just YEAR00