PVR.IsTimeShift returning false even when timeshifting
Writing a skin whose OSD contains some info about the timeshift - specifically, how much time is in the buffer and where we are in it.

PVR.IsTimeShift is returning false even when timeshifting. Consquently, PVR.TimeshiftStart and PVR.TimeshiftEnd are invalid. This is with Estuary on Krypton, rrunning with a NextPVR backend on Windows. Not sure if this is a Kodi issue or something wrong with the backend? Of course, timeshifting is enabled in the backend and I can pause and skip around to my heart's content. Any ideas from the skinners?
Well, the nextpvr add-on does not implement the required functions. => https://github.com/kodi-pvr/pvr.nextpvr/...t.cpp#L734
That's well spotted :-)
I thought as much. Strange that it actually supports timeshifting underneath. Are you aware of other backends that correctly report timeshift start and end times?
Moving this to the PVR addons thread...
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PVR.IsTimeShift returning false even when timeshifting00