Slowness on large libraries - workarounds and ideas

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marantz Offline
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@DaveBlake , do you also have my db in mysql? even in lan it takes a while to retrieve, have you tried this?
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DaveBlake Offline
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Yes thanks @marantz, it is a great test resource Smile
I have a version migrated from Jarvis, although I did wonder if you had ever scanned from scratch to create a new v60. And yes I have tried various things with it, including trying to convert to SQLite to compare perfromance. I have been looking for a convertion tool (MySQL -> SQLite), did some of it manually and that was tedious. The quotes in text field data are tricky.

When you say "even in lan it takes a while to retrieve" what do you mean exactly? I know it is slow, not doubting that, but not so clear on the lan comment. Of course although testing with MySQL I have it locally not on a separate server, so I am not seeing network effects. That can only make things worse.
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