WiFi Speed Test

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Since upgrading to LE 8.01 Krypton 17.1, I've had the perception that WiFi under Krypton 17.1 was slower than under Jarvis 16.1. Jarvis is running under OpenElec while Krypton is running under LibreElec.
What specifically got my attention was the amount of time during startup that Kodi takes to load nextPVR channel/recordings data. It took a lot longer under Krypton for the data to load.
I used the WiFi Speed Test Android app to conduct my tests. Kodi is running on a Raspberry Pi and is 8 feet from my router. I also have each version of Kodi on separate SD Cards.
As you can see from the attached screen shot, Jarvis/OE WiFi does appear to run faster than Krypton/LE. Has anyone else run a similar test and if so, what were your results? [Image: 8d1365132c3f4cc26ccbebbde25dd054.jpg]

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I would say those differences are probably within the margin of error.

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