organising and retrieving info on classical artists/conductors
I don't use Picard, but I have been studying the MB classical style guide and updating my tags to be in conformance. Generally, that means:

1. Artist is composer
2. Album artist is a "credit" text string formatted as "Composer; performer, conductor" which is resolved via the "album artists" and "MBID album artist ID" tags into:
a. composer
b. primary performer (such as an orchestra)
c. conductor

3. Also the dedicated Composer, Ensemble/Band, and Conductor tags are added to match 2). Note that with this method, the composer, performer, and conductor will be shown in the main "artists" library node, and also in the dedicated "role" categories nodes.

4. The track title is formatted "work: section of work (such as movement)"

5. The album title is as listed on the physical media.

6. Any additional performers needed (such as soloists) are added via the performer tags in the "performer (role)" format.

On your specific case, first you have the problem that the "official" MB name for Gergiev is Валерий Абисалович Гергиев, but you are free to use your latin translation, as long as you are consistent and don't use the "prefer online" setting. Currently Kodi has no facility for "alias" so if you want to see both versions of the artist name you have to be sort of creative.

I see on MB a couple of Mahler symphonies and the album artist (MB calls this "release artist credit"
is given as : " Gustav Mahler; London Symphony Orchestra, Valery Gergiev". Here is where you need to be careful. You can put the album artist is shown, but need to use care with the "album artists" tag to be consistent (also the conductor tag). (Mainly make sure the name string to which you assign the MBID of 87b4252d-314b-4252-9cd3-44c08f3087b6 is the same.) If you want to also include alias do not also assign the same MBID to the alias.

Artist.nfo files are IMHO worthless in a classical music library, instead what works (for me anyway) is first, use an SQL tool to enter "last scraped" data for all artists and albums in the database (no way to do this in Kodi). Then create .xml file (same format as the artist and album nfo files, except you can include as many artist and album sections as needed in a single file, then wrap the whole thing in <musicdb></musicdb> tags. Finally use "import library" to update your database from the .xml file.

As an aside for Dave (on any one else) what I find using MB style, is that the strings for album title, track title, and album artist credit tend to be very long and typically overflow the space allotted for displaying the label in the UI, so end up scrolling and it's hard to see what you really are interested (in particular the actual movement or other section that is playing). It would be nice to parse the strings, though the same problems exist with in-string separators as in other string tags.

scott s.
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