organising and retrieving info on classical artists/conductors
(2017-05-08, 22:47)tOM_XB Wrote: I wonder, why wouldn't you use Picard, are there better options for this task (or for classical), in your view?

I have used MediaMonkey for many years to manage my music and music videos. I find it works best for me. Besides music, it syncs my tags for music videos and I have a script for it that generates music video nfo files so I can add them to Kodi library. But I also use mp3tag as it does a good job of fine-tuning tags (and MediaMonkey uses VBS scripting which I don't really know). So I just haven't played around with Picard or foobar2000.

(2017-05-09, 19:20)tOM_XB Wrote: hi Scott

If you're able to comment, this has been helpful, in that:

- 'London symphony orchestra' has appeared with a great thumbnail, background and bio
- 'Valery Gergiev' has appeared with a great thumbnail, background and bio.

However, there is also an entry labelled 'Mahler' without any further details.

My guess is that the Musicbrainz entry should be 'Gustav Mahler', and because it's not, Kodi is not able to ID it correctly.

OK so I did a quick test. As I wrote before, what's most important is for you to be consistent in your tagging, always use the same strings for any tag field and ensure only 1 MBID for any artist or album string (if you do not use the "prefer online info" which will replace your strings). So this is what I tagged for the first movement of Mahler's 9th (this is an adaptation of an mp3tag script Dave B wrote):

Mp3tag File Overview

Title: Symphony no. 9 in D major: I. Andante comodo
File: Symphony no. 9 in D major I. Andante comodo.mp3
Artist: Gustav Mahler
AlbumArtist: Gustav Mahler; London Symphony Orchestra, Valery Gergiev
Album: Symphony No.9
Conductor: Valery Gergiev
Performer: London Symphony Orchestra (Orchestra)
Track: 1
MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMARTISTID: 8d610e51-64b4-4654-b8df-064b0fb7a9d9, 38712b4c-0fd4-4c65-8c7a-45676fecc973, 87b4252d-314b-4252-9cd3-44c08f3087b6
MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMID: 4db3146d-2979-477b-af6d-a38761a94c62
AlbumArtists: Gustav Mahler, London Symphony Orchestra, Valery Gergiev

build on 5/9/2017, with Mp3tag v2.81 - the universal Tag Editor -

These are APE tags in mp3 file, but I think they are identical to FLAC tags.

All 4 tracks scanned into the library. I then did an album refresh for the album (the universal album scraper used the album MBID from my tag to query). First time I got a "503" response from Musicbrainz (common) so I had to refresh again. Then I did artist refresh on Gustav Mahler, London Symphony Orchestra, and Valery Gergiev. Again, by virtue of the album artist MBIDs from the tags, universal artist scraper used the MBIDs to find what info it could.

You can turn on debug logging in Kodi prior to refreshing the scrape data and Kodi.log will show you what results were found.

For the bios here's what scraper returned for LSO:

12:36:47.289 T:7608   DEBUG: scraper: ParseTADBBiography returned <details><biography>The London Symphony Orchestra (LSO), founded in 1904, is the oldest of London's symphony orchestras. It was set up by a group of players who left Henry Wood's Queen's Hall Orchestra because of a new rule requiring players to give the orchestra their exclusive services. The LSO itself later introduced a similar rule for its members. The orchestra underwent periods of eclipse in the 1930s and 1950s when it was regarded as inferior in quality to new London orchestras, to which it lost players and bookings. By the 1960s it had recovered its leading position, which it has retained subsequently.
                                            A self-governing body, the orchestra selects the conductors with whom it works. At some stages in its history it has dispensed with a principal conductor and worked only with guests. Among conductors with whom it is most associated are, in its early days, Hans Richter, Sir Edward Elgar, and Sir Thomas Beecham, and in recent decades Pierre Monteux, Andr&#x00e9; Previn, Claudio Abbado, Sir Colin Davis and Valery Gergiev.
                                            Since 1982, the LSO has been based in the Barbican Centre in the City of London. It claims to be the world's most recorded orchestra, and in addition to making gramophone recordings since 1912 it has played on more than 200 soundtrack recordings for the cinema, of which the best known include the Star Wars series.</biography></details>

12:36:47.290 T:7608   DEBUG: scraper: ParseTADBLifeSpan returned <details><formed>London, England (1904)</formed></details>

You can follow it in the log file.

Here's how it looks in my skin mod:





scott s.
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