organising and retrieving info on classical artists/conductors
(2017-05-10, 01:52)scott967 Wrote: I have used MediaMonkey for many years to manage my music and music videos. I find it works best for me. Besides music, it syncs my tags for music videos and I have a script for it that generates music video nfo files so I can add them to Kodi library. But I also use mp3tag as it does a good job of fine-tuning tags (and MediaMonkey uses VBS scripting which I don't really know).

Ok, this got me interested in how you do your Music Videos (and what do you mean it syncs your tags)?

Currently I've hand created each and every Music Video .NFO file as I have found no other tool to make a decent one. At first I followed the guide (, but then I made it better (added a few more fields).

I know we've discussed this in the past regarding Music Videos, but could you post your step by step instructions on how you make .NFO files for Music Videos using MediaMonkey (and any plug-in needed to do so). Also, maybe post an .NFO output from a typical Music Video.

Nearly all my Music Videos are .MP4 (nearly 4000 of them) so being able to automate the process (and maybe make them better looking in Kodi), would be awesome.

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organising and retrieving info on classical artists/conductors0
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