[help me] How to download Youtube video?
I am looking for an application that can download Youtube videos. I want to make a short film dedicated to my son. It is very fond of animation, I want to pair multiple movies into one. But I can not download content on Youtube. Help me.
Why are you asking in a Kodi Android forum..?
Just google it. I did and with no trouble at all it throws some options up.

Something like
Might work,havent tried though

\edit does work, just downloaded a .mp4 HD file through the online engine.
Yes, there is this add-on from the official Kodi repository. Add-on:Youtube-dl_Control (wiki)

Sorry, never used it, so can't guide you in it's operation
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You can always google, there are numerous tools that allow to download youtube videos and also chrome plugins to look at. You can try clipgrab which i use to download videos.
Super Favourites (latest version from my repo) can be used to download a YouTube video in Kodi.

Just enable the Super Favourites global menu in its settings then while playing the YouTube video open the context menu and select download.
Dude just go to tubegeter(dot)com. I've been using it for quite a while and it never causes any problem. It's free and you can also download entire playlists with it.
I usually ensave website to down most of youtube video tho, it works great. You also can try  apknite all video downloader app, it helps too.
List of softwares and sites for Youtube video/mp3 download: @Karellen- Link removed
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