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[help me] How to download Youtube video?

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Lucas Davis Offline
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I am looking for an application that can download Youtube videos. I want to make a short film dedicated to my son. It is very fond of animation, I want to pair multiple movies into one. But I can not download content on Youtube. Help me.
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Atreyu Offline
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Why are you asking in a Kodi Android forum..?
Just google it. I did and with no trouble at all it throws some options up.

Something like
Might work,havent tried though

\edit does work, just downloaded a .mp4 HD file through the online engine.
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Karellen Online
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Yes, there is this add-on from the official Kodi repository. Add-on:Youtube-dl_Control (wiki)

Sorry, never used it, so can't guide you in it's operation
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DarrenHill Offline
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thread moved to off-topic

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graceinc Offline
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You can always google, there are numerous tools that allow to download youtube videos and also chrome plugins to look at. You can try clipgrab which i use to download videos.
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spoyser Offline
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Super Favourites (latest version from my repo) can be used to download a YouTube video in Kodi.

Just enable the Super Favourites global menu in its settings then while playing the YouTube video open the context menu and select download.
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