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HELP With always show RSS Feed Bar

PLEASE guide me what in need to do for showing the RSS Feed Bar all the time (at the bottom screen)
even if I play video

Many Thanks
I'd be interested in anything that makes the rss feed useful. Like always present even when watching video and the ability to follow links from it somehow. So far I see the rss feed as an irritation on the home screen only but maybe I'm doing it wrong.
Help someoneHuh Sad
There's someone here Sad

I'm only want done with that...
I`m stuck on that about month to figure it how it work on the XML files

how can I pinned the RSS feed bar to bottom line and make it to show all the time
even i play video

please help me i dont know what to do
i fill so close to figure it
but all what i have tried not worked Sad Sad

HELP With always show RSS Feed Bar00